Gratitude is the right ATTITUDE

A Reflection on New Years….


I often wonder what should I feel about the onset of a brand new year and to be honest I am mostly unfazed if not somewhat cold on it. I generally feel numb to the very idea of resolutions, parties or even the legendary New Years kiss (something I’ve never had to tell the truth).  I am sure all of these are lovely but I have just never really gotten caught in the New Years buzz that takes over the day after the 25th December. 

But something changed this year. As New Years eve approached, I started thinking back to what I had wanted to accomplish in 2023 and I suddenly say this upcoming New Year in a brand new light.

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Once I gave up my New Years bias and actually started counting up everything I was able to accomplish with this year I felt so proud of myself. It may not have been everything I’ve wanted but it is Something and no lie it was quite significant when I looked back in hindsight. Funny enough, it’s true you don’t really know what you have until you’re past it. So, take the time to reflect, see it all before you and cherish the efforts you have made and with that acknowledgement plan to do so much more this 2024! 


Wishing you all a Happy prosperous and healthy New Year may all of your goals be met with courage and motivation. You can do it! Just look back and see that you already did, count 1, 2, 3 of the things you have accomplished and realize that you can do it again and even better this time. 


This year can be your best yet if you only wake up to the fact that Gratitude is the BEST Attitude!! 

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