Ciara Flaunts her Goodies and heats UP summer!!

Singer, actress, Model and Entrepreneur Ciara dropped a new single along with announcing another smart business deal. As detailed in Forbes Magazine Ciara is BACK!! And She is bringing the summer heat with her. The single is JUMP and it’s reminiscent of her signature sound, dance heavy, uptempo and very, very catchy, she’s even got a feature on the song from rap group CoastContra. Ciara is a smart and savvy artist who has maintained a presence in the industry by moving with the times but remaining very much herself. One aspect of her intelligence is making strategic and lucrative deals that help augment and grow her now extensive brand. She has recently signed a partnership deal with Wendy Goldstein and Republic Records and that looks like it’s gone off to a great start. With Billboards from LA, New York and Atlanta the promotion for JUMP looks to be solid.

As most music scene watchers know it’s a hard feat to remain in the industry for more than three major projects and here is Ciara about to launch album #8! I can’t lie I am excited to see what she is going to do for this next one. I really enjoyed the experimentation with different sounds she has developed these last several years and also her Evolution (pun intended) with the ever changing times.

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 Jump is a great addition into her staple of high energy tracks like 1,2 step, Work, Got Me Good, Level Up and Gimme Dat. Ciara Princess Wilson is a dancing girl and she don’t want you to forget it!! With the heat coming off of JUMP it’s clear Ciara wants the world to dance again and I think she’s about to get her wish. If you don’t believe me just click of the link and watch the video and I’m pretty sure you will be completely convinced:

Booked, blessed and unbothered is the message and in Ciara’s new single the recording star seems to be making herself the poster girl for all things confident, vibrant, assured and beautiful. Loudly proclaiming, “we’re gonna set this thing off right!” the Atlanta raised singer sets the mood by saying, “IF YOU WANT IT, I’VE GOT ALL THE FLAVORS YOU NEED”. Ciara is clearly poised to let the world know that she can “turn it on” and she “ain’t playing no games.” This sassy attitude permeates throughout the entire song and by the end of the first listen you feel as though you can do anything you set your mind to. Hearing a woman speak about herself with such confidence is highly exhilarating and a nice change from the mad & sad subject matter a lot of the other women in the industry sing about over and over again. Don’t get me wrong a good sad song will always be welcome but it’s a refreshing change to hear something light, fun and feminine especially for the summer time. And Ciara surely delivers on the fun in this song.

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Jump is 3 minutes of pure lighthearted pleasure, it feels like summer, it sounds like summer and it’s a celebration full of glee and carefree excitement. Plenty of artists have attempted to reflect the last 2 years of uncertainty and suffering in their work but few have actually tried to celebrate life and joy with the same passion & energy Ciara has brought to this track. There’s something so infectious about the uptempo of the beat combined with her soft melodic vocals it’s hard not to get up and dance. In the song and music video Ciara struts, pulls, stunts and dances and it’s glorious watch. After nearly 18 years in the music industry Ciara is a seasoned veteran and it’s obvious she has a lane all to herself and she’s savoring every minute of her continued success.

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Jump like with so many of her other hits Ride, Oh, So What, Get Up, Goodies Ciara not only invites you to the party, she leads the way.

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