Bronx Billion Dollar Babies

Rich White Ladies a singing and rap duo of a couple of culture clashing, fashionista icons with some very cute and artistically interesting tracks. They are definitely not out to change the world but they have a strong point of view and they want to share it with an audience who is thirsty/hungry for change. In a world of bland pop sameness Rich White Ladies stand out. One of the best tracks on their debut EP is 1% which is a clear satire of the rich elite and with the witty refrain, “bye, bye 99%” in your ear you can practically hear the act of social responsibility and liberation crumbling under the worship of the almighty dollar. Lol!

The girls are both, “too pretty to compete” but they be “mobbin’ like John Gotti” underscoring their roots in NYC, the Bronx to be exact. As fellow New Yorker I am both proud and amazed at the dual nature of both their brand and their music.

There is a tease and a playfulness to their EP with lines like, “It ain’t what you got it’s how you pack it”. But somehow it doesn’t distract from the overall themes of money, power and influence that thread through almost all of the songs in their debut. In a song titled Ransom the message is clear, the Black girl invasion had begun and “whiteness” will never be the same. In the words of the Rich White Ladies, “you are so bullshit we are so Wimble Done”!

They reference everything from Martina Navratilova and the Oasis’ Supernova covering the full spectrum of pop society. The incessant worshiping of capitalism is a little shocking and a whole lot of shallow and yet this EP is like the soundtrack to the slow decay and fall of the Roman Empire. This “power couple” is clearly playing with the concepts of class and race in a much cleverer way than Kanye West could ever imagine.

My only caveat to an all-encompassing vote of confidence for these ‘bitches who brunch’ is that while listening to their music I sometimes felt that they were playing in the kiddie pool when they are talented enough to dive into the deep end. What I mean by that is this; the tremendous talent of the Rich White Ladies would not suffer if a deepening self-reflection and narrative floated up to the surface in their next musical offering.


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