With this infamous Hot 97 interview


Azealia Banks fired the cannon and GhostFaceKillah just called in the troops

if you want this HipHop then we’re going to war. When artists come into the rap game you must be creative enough to at least sound like yourself. Unfortunately there are far too many white rappers like Chet Hanks, Bronson, Riff Raff, Macklemore and Iggy who are always looking for short cuts.  They show up wearing Black music, culture and artistry like a 24/7 Halloween costume and make no mistake they’re not doing it for tribute or paying homage because minstrels are always performing for white people. That’s true whether the minstrel is Black or white. The need to subvert your own sound and creativity in order to be direct copy of another artist is to be a tool of a system that will eventually smudge out their style, contribution and ultimately their importance. But these wannabes better recognize that you can’t take thing when you can’t even respect or create it? You need us to make the art so you will always remain a guest at our convenience and when you wear out your welcome we will show you the door.

White Rappers Don’t Take Our Kindness For Weakness

Those calling for Ghost to grant this pretender an audience for a battle are either simple minded or short sighted. Why call a lesser into a battle? Where are Bronson’s bona fides or credentials to elevate him to battle status? He is not worthy and it is only because of the “grace period” so many standard bearers of HipHop have given to many frauds in the industry that has allowed these counterfeits to eat off of our plate. But don’t let our kindness be mistaken for weakness. Whether you’re a true HipHop head or one of these culture vulture media outlets we’re putting you on notice: this art is not for sale not even to the highest bidder or to any unoriginal man or woman.

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