The house that “machismo” built is made of glass

Writer and communications consultant @Kiaspeaks sparked an interesting moment of turbulence in the usually calm flight of the male comfort zone last week when she took a picture that 36 year old rapper Game willingly uploaded to instagram. In the photo he is wearing underwear and little else besides tattoos and hubris.



Rather than praising his “package” or extolling “hoes” to chill @kiaspeaks utilized the opportunity to expose the inherent hypocrisy of the every day misogyny women face both online and in real life. To that the end she used humor and a little sarcasm to make a point for women everywhere. Here is one of her many genius appropriations of the usual insults and judgements hurled at women:


Soon others joined in the “fun”:




Both men and women scoffed at the principles behind the slutwalk or sneered when both Jill Scott and Meghan Good were shamed for private pictures stolen from their phones. A lot of insults were thrown at these women and the most common defense for this bullying behavior was that these women somehow “deserved it”. Some people wanted to know what was the point to these posts about the Game well…..



For a while now the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile has been making the rounds on the twitterverse but with this one post @kiaspeaks has truly illustrated just how fragile masculinity is. Thank goodness all hope isn’t lost and some got the purpose of the tweet:


This unfortunately was not the case for everyone….


Which just goes to show that the old adage is true people: who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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